About Us

Real people changed by God through the Gospel

Our Values

Loving Christ

  • Creative and relevant bible teaching is at the heart of all we do. We seek to help one another grow in faith as we hear from God’s word.  It is here we discover the good news of God’s love for us in Christ and are equipped to be good news as we share HIs love with others.

Loving Others

  • There is a welcome for all- unity in diversity.  We come from a mix of different ages, backgrounds, nationalities and extend a warm welcome to all into a family like group where there is encouragement and support for one another
  • Kids and youth- Children and youth are an important part of our church family and we seek to teach them the bible in creative and fun ways that they can understand.
  • Serving our community– we seek to show our faith in our ordinary, everyday lives by loving and serving others in our community

Our Story

In November 2011 we began meeting publicly on Sundays as a church for the first time in the soccer club.  The group was made up of people who had been in a home bible study and prayer group before this.  It included members of Tramore Bible Church who were living in Ferrybank and Waterford City, as well as Christian workers from European Christian Mission who were there to encourage and support the development of a church in the area.

In the years since we have sought to help people grow in faith by church meetings, home bible and prayer groups, kids bible clubs and summer camps and various youth activities as well as seeking to be involved in serving the local community in any way we can.

What We Believe

What we believe is important to us, but we don’t push it on others- rather we’d rather you checked things out and considered them for yourself.

We may be contemporary in our expression and style of church but our beliefs are rooted in historic and mainstream Christianity- we believe in the bible and agree with the Apostles and Nicene Creeds- the creeds of the early church.

If you want to know more detail about what we believe, check it out here: What We Believe

Those Who Lead

Church Leadership Team

Currently our leadership team is composed of Colin Holmes (Pastor / Elder), Ally Holmes (Deacon) and Sarah Adegboye (Deacon).  We seek to work together as a team to oversee and build up the church. Colin has particular emphasis on spiritual leadership, pastoral care and discipleship and Sarah and Ally on practical and social leadership.  

Colin Holmes (pastor and elder)  is originally from Co. Antrim and has been living in Ferrybank since 2010.  He is married to Ally and they have 3 children (all born in Waterford).  Colin was trained at Belfast Bible College and Queens University Belfast where he completed a Masters in Theology.  He grew up in a Presbyterian church where he was glad to hear God’s word taught and grow in faith.  Colin loves helping people discover more of Jesus in the Scriptures and to help them see how he really is good news.  Until relatively recently he also worked in a local pharmacy.  He enjoys family and friends, walking and words, and cooking and baking new things.  

To follow some of this thoughts on a faith that connects with our lives see his blog-

Aontas Ireland

We do not believe we are the ‘only proper Christians’ but that as part of the body of Christ he has called us to make our contribution and do our part. So we seek to work with those who have similar values in the gospel.

Ferrybank Christian Community Church is a member of Aontas. Aontas is a group of Irish churches from different denominations, who come together to serve Christ. Click here to find out more about Aontas.